6 February 2017

My Story


PDF offer  –  POWER SPEECH Tomasz Kozlowski ENGLISH

In 2014. Tomasz Kozlowski as one of the eight men in history jumped from balloon hot air from the stratosphere. He talks about fears, weaknesses, about the need to fulfill the expectations of others and of going out of our comfort zone.

The events shown during the speech aim at presenting a unique skydiving jump where Poles have set an unofficial world record and three official European records.

The listener, however, is not informed about what the final aim of the speech will be. The listener is introduced to it by means of the following:

  • two simple psychological experiments taking place in the room, relating to the area of decision-making,
  • presentation of selected social issues in micro and macro scales,
  • reflection of a fearful skydiving fan,
  • explaining the motivational psychological mechanisms that are faced by teams of people with regard to extreme challenges.

The participant gets to know the behind-the-scenes of decisions that constantly change, relating to taking part in the skydive. The participant notices the worries, doubts, hesitation, concern and paralysing fear which “force” them to withdraw from the project.

The author describes his impressions, wrong conclusions, negative scenarios as well as all benefits which have become the biggest value in terms of leaving the comfort zone.

Participation in the project provided unexpected and very positive changes in the method of portraying one’s own resources for coping with the requirements of the surrounding world but also in relations with friends and family as well as the professional, social and task-related environment.


MAIN BENEFIT – increasing the level of motivation to become involved in executing a path for personal and professional growth

PERSONAL – Self-diagnosis of the attitude adopted in a situation of social functioning

based on the observations of oneself – “is what I fear really that terrifying?”

Recognising the need for involving one’s own psychological resources

for the purpose of personal growth.

PROFESSIONAL – Recognising the unconscious group mechanisms affecting the processes of making decisions in difficult professional and personal situations.

TEAM – Possibility of making a reflection in the area of one’s own attitude in the following situations:

– my impact on others – my contribution in decisions relating to overcoming barriers,

– others’ impact on me – the impact on decisions made by me.

PROGRAMME – Increasing the level of motivation for executing a professional and personal growth path by overcoming the impressions relating to the potential difficulties which may take place in the future.

Creating a collection of metaphors that will become the “anchors” to work in further stages of the development plan path.

The history of the jump, the process of the entire project and the strongly and analytically expanded content of the speech were thoroughly described in the book entitled “Historia tysiąca lęków” (literal translation: The story of a thousand fears”).

This is an approach from the perspective of a human being who fears consequences of extreme activities but despite a number of doubts, is able to overcome the boundary of fear, impressions and expectations from the environment and when they win with themselves, they cross the invisible boundary of change.

The conclusions of a reader are focused on two main reflections: first – any person can take part in the most extreme activities, you do not have to be a superhuman to do that; and secondly – there is no possibility of experiencing the sense of being fulfilled if you do not win with yourself.