6 February 2017

About me

Tomasz Kozłowski is a psychologist with experience in working with managers and managing staff in various organisations (e.g. working with NATO officers in the area of transformational leadership, activities benefitting special force teams). Participation in several hundred rescue activities and trips provided him with the possibility of observing people during work, which is under a strong influence of psychological and environmental factors. As a mountain rescue instructor, he often managed rescue activities and teams working under huge time constraints and with the significance of making decisions. As a psychologist working at a counselling centre and simultaneously with more and more important teams in terms of an organisation’s hierarchy (in the end, with management boards), he noticed the same mechanisms that conditioned successes and failures of members of various teams (military, rescue, project, management, volunteer, etc.) A very important element in the functioning of those teams consisted in one-on-one work with individuals who manage other people – their personal functioning in the working environment often contributed to the quality achieved by the entire team.

In response to these observations, he created and later modified proprietary programmes for diagnosing team dysfunctions and for supplying remedial activities aiming at improving the functioning of three sub-systems, i.e. 1) team; 2) manager with team; and 3) manager in isolation. This approach was the reason why work with a manager became a permanent part of every remedy programme implemented.
Involvement of Tomasz Kozłowski into extreme sports, mainly skydiving, provides valuable supports for shaping the attitude related to the need of completing self-diagnoses and self-analyses of one’s own weaknesses on an on-going basis in order to create a reliable map of areas qualified for growth. Co-acting and observation of individual and team skydives as well as continuous help which is provided to the skydivers so that they can overcome their fears are uncommon experiences in the market that result in a transformation of similar attitudes in coaching work with managers who state they have difficulties in the area of social fears, doubtful decisions, motivation-related problems as well as risks. Participation in a record-high skydive jump from the stratosphere (10,735 m) was also a very valuable experience. This was a difficult challenge for the project team, which after 2.5 years of preparations, turned out to be successful. What’s most important is that plenty of materials were gathered related to an area that was never before studied by the participants.
Experience in work with managers and teams from multiple countries also provides the possibility of acting with distance, which is necessary in this type of work as well as openness to all kinds of issues, problems or tasks being resolved

Work in the area of critical intervention, meaning in situations when he helps people facing difficult situations, trauma, catastrophes, sudden death of someone from work, natural disasters provides Tomasz Kozłowski with the possibility of helping others cope with the biggest crises that can be resolved owing to his knowledge and experience gained in this highly difficult and responsible job.

His personal experience relating to the relocation to New Zealand and unexpected return to Poland due to family-related reasons, and as a result, the need to start to develop his position in the market from scratch, was the reason why he approaches change in a specific way. He now portrays it as an opportunity or possibility of acquiring new resources for dealing with the requirements of the professional and social environments, and what’s also very important, it is a very stable foundation for positive and optimistic approach passed onto the people he cooperates with.