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The largest grassroots relief campaign providing a chance to save hundreds of thousands of lives.More…



What you achieve on your way to the summit is more important than reaching the summit itself. More…

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“The History of a Thousand Fears” The title doesn’t lie – the book showing how to turn your weaknesses into dreams. More…

About me

another person has always been the most important in my life. But I did not expect that helping people would take such an unusual form
on the other side of fear, the most wonderful expieriences await for you

Motivational speaker, coach, and psychologist. For many years he worked as a mountain rescuer. He is a skydiver (tandem-pilot) with more than 1,700 jumps to his name. In December 2014, he and two other skydivers jumped from the stratosphere out of a hot-air balloon, breaking multiple European skydiving records in the process.

In June 21, 2017, he jumped 50 times in 7 hours. Each jump was dedicated to a person with particular problem (cancer, brain tumor, etc.). By this Project he collected over 50.000 EUR for charity purposes, for which he received the award of CHARITY HERO). A year later, he completed 100 jumps in one day, raising $150.000 to finance the purchase of specialised wheelchairs for handicapped children in need of them..

Initiotor of JUMP FOR THE PLANET Project, Skydiver, tandem-pilot (1700+) – in December 2014, he completed
 the highest skydive jump in Europe (10,735 m) after being raised to the stratosphere on a hot air balloon. Read more...

  • taking fills the hands, giving fills the heart

  • does not care for others, who does not have love in himself

  • the most importnance are the weekest of us

  • the difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination

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